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K2 Remote Work Kit - Laptop Stand, Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

K2 Remote Work Kit - Laptop Stand, Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

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This limited edition laptop stand bundle has everything you need to make your remote working life healthier and more comfortable. The K2 laptop stand is fully adjustable so you can correct your posture and stop hunching over your laptop. Stainless steel keyboard with low-profile keys offers a comfortable typing experience and the ergonomic mouse reduces stress in your wrists. Easily store your setup in a sleek waterproof carry case to take with you anywhere.

  • Fully adjustable and portable laptop stand prevents pains in your neck and back
  • Rechargeable, wireless keyboard and mouse with up to 3 month battery life
  • Plug in your USB receiver and your wireless keyboard and mouse are ready to go.
  • Compact and lightweight so you can have an ergonomic mobile workstation
  • Supports all laptops and MacBooks with a front edge less than 2.2cm
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Create a perfect work environment in any location.

The perfect office setup for on-the-go professionals. This laptop stand bundle includes a height adjustable K2 that will correct your posture and make it easier to work remotely; the wireless keyboard & mouse with protective case is great for when you're not at home, so there's no need to worry about cables or cords getting in the way of your life!

Nexstand Compact Portable Laptop Stand with Adjustable Height

Goodbye hunchback. Hello remote work freedom

Working on a laptop for hours at a time can be uncomfortable, but with this nifty adjustable stand you will never have to worry about the pain in your neck and back again. With 8 height adjustment options there’s no need to hunch over or strain your eyes any longer; just choose an option that is right for you!

  • No more overheating

    You won't find anything better than a laptop stand that leaves plenty of space for your computer to breathe. This will keep it running at its best, and you'll be able to use it longer before having problems with an overheating machine!

  • Take it anywhere

    Imagine the freedom and mobility you'll feel with this laptop stand. It weighs only 234 grams so bring it everywhere without even realizing its there!

  • Strong, stable & easy to use

    The K2 can support up to 9kgs of weight and the skid-free bases and arc grips prevent your laptop from wobbling and minimise vibration. One easy and quick action opens and closes the stand.

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  • Long battery life

    With up to 3 months of battery life, the wireless keyboard and mouse will handle your heavy workload at the office and stand up to long periods of use at home too. You will avoid the hassle of replacing batteries and expensive cost.

  • Plug and play

    One tiny USB Dongle wirelessly connects both the mouse and keyboard to your computer and delivers up to a range of 33ft wireless connection. Just plug it into a USB port and your keyboard and mouse are ready to go.

  • Perfect for travel

    This wireless keyboard & mouse is ultra compact measuring 28 * 13.4 * 1.5 cms and is super lightweight at only 312 grams. It's an ideal keyboard to travel with and is easy to take with you from home to the office.

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