Laptops are great, but their bad for your posture

Laptops were not designed to be used for long periods of time, but nowadays, many people use laptops as their main computer. This can present a serious risk to your back and neck because when you’re using your laptop, you are almost never sitting in an ergonomic position.

Nexstand offers a cost-effective solution to help you stop the hunch.

Better ergonomics

A laptop stand will raise your screen to eye level which will give you a proper ergonomic position to work for many hours without experiencing problems with your back, neck or shoulders.

Work anywhere, comfortably

Our laptop stands are lightweight, compact and foldable allowing you to quickly and easily set up your workspace anywhere and work comfortably.

  • Better multitasking

    No need to buy another screen. A laptop stand will equalise your laptop’s elevation allowing to have a dual-screen setup. Having the screens at the same height will also prevent eye strain and neck pain, making multitasking easier.

  • Keep your laptop cool

    Elevating your laptop will allow air to flow underneath to help keep it cool and prevent overheating. This will also help to protect your hardware and increase your laptop’s lifespan.

Setup your workspace in seconds