BASE12 Keyboard and Mouse


  1. Check your mouse or wireless adapter hasn’t become unseated in its port.

  2. Try fully unplugging the wireless adapter and reconnecting in a different port.

  3. Reconnect the devices on your bluetooth settings.

  4. Replace the batteries in the keyboard and/or mouse.

Keyboard Layout

  1. Sometimes restarting your computer may provide an immediate fix for layout issues between Mac and Windows OS. Please ensure to set the keyboard to English UK. It’s possible the system is detecting US keyboard layout which is slightly different. 

  2. Here are some notes on how the BASE12 keyboard keys relate to the Mac keyboard layout: 

    • The ‘win’ key is the equivalent key to the ‘command’ key on Mac, it can be used for cut and pasting etc.

    • The ‘Alt’ key is the equivalent key to the ‘options’ key on a Mac - One of the most common uses for Option (or Alt) on a Mac is to type symbols and accent marks such as å, ß, ∂ and µ.

    • The ‘ctrl’ key remains the ‘control’ key on Mac- on Mac it is primarily used for helping you “right-click”

    • The Fn key works in combination with F1-F12 to control sounds and play etc.