• Ergonomic Remote Work Tips for Maximum Comfort & Productivity

    Nichola Adams,  Msc Health Ergonomics, Founder of Inspired Ergonomics I am a Health ergonomist and the founder of Inspired Ergonomics. For the las...
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    We are excited to announce that NEXSTAND EU have begun a new partnership with The Turing Trust and will be supporting their mission of giving thos...
  • Display Screen Equipment For Teenagers

    While some children are back at school, many are still at home for some or all their schooling. As a result, children might be in static postures for hours on end. While the schools set work for your children, what support have they given to making sure that their workstation for studying is as good as it can be?
  • Zooming to meet you

    All over the world, people are video calling. Colleagues are collaborating using Microsoft Teams for video conferencing, and grandparents with iPads are using FaceTime. Meanwhile schools, universities and professional training organisations have moved to virtual classrooms, and Zoom has become a household name with up to 200 million people a day joining Zoom calls.
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