What to Expect From Hybrid Working

What to Expect From Hybrid Working

As we ease out of lockdown the big question is

“Who wants a return to the office full time?”

Research suggests very few of us want to return to the pre-Covid-pandemic traditional 9 to 5 model because working from home (WFH) offers more flexibility.

Return to work surveys by workplace consultancy Baker Stuart showed that 89% of people valued removing or reducing the commute, 67% liked the opportunity to save money and 60% enjoyed a better work/life balance.

We can work around family commitments, enjoy our local neighbourhoods, and gain relief from the commute’s monotony and stress.

So, if we’re not returning to the office full time where are we going to work? The answer is Hybrid Working, a mix of office, home and somewhere in between, in short, anywhere.

Who wants hybrid working?

A hybrid working model is popular among employees. A survey by Morgan Lovell suggests that 69% of workers want to work in an office at least three to four days a week.

At Hotbox we design products to work anywhere and have written a handy 12 step guide on what to expect from Hybrid Working

Organise your belongings and your thoughts to avoid duplication of effort

This is where Nexstand comes in. Having the right kit to set your office up anywhere is as important as the job you must do that day. Hotbox and Nexstand are a perfect pair, working together to make your set up efficient, productive and comfortable.

Written by Rachel Forster.

Business and Product Development Manager at Hotbox

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