Supporting The Turing Trust

Supporting The Turing Trust

When we started Base12, not only did we want to bring you such great brands as Nexstand and WaterWell but we also wanted to make a difference in the world and build a community of people who like us care about the future of their world. 

So we looked to align ourselves with a charitable organisation who are helping to promote a better world in terms of sustainable tech by recycling existing technology but they are putting it in the hands of those who need it but can’t afford it. 

Not only have the Turing Trust been continuing to support those in poorer areas overseas in the past year but during the pandemic they have also turned their attention closer to home and have helped to donate laptops to many students who would have fallen behind in their studies whilst unable to attend classrooms.

In this interview, Graham caught up with James Turing about the work that the organisation have been doing and also asked, on a personal note ‘What it feels like to have your relative on the £50 note?”, as this year saw Alan Turing who is perhaps best known for his code breaking work during World War 2 appear on the notes for the first time. 

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