Cooking up a quick and tasty lunchtime snack should always be on your agenda. We have all given way into the temptation of buying our lunch from the supermarket, pre-packed or just eating that chocolate bar and crisps because it is easy. 

When you think about it, making time to stop in the day to eat properly is important and it can give you time to refocus, regroup and get ready for the rest of the day.

Also, cooking doesn’t have to take that much time! To prove it, we set Ex Chief, Top 100 Podcaster, video maker, social media guru and wannabe investigative journalist Paul Brown of Baked Bean Media the task of creating a working from home lunchtime challenge. 

He came up with the “Nexstand One Minute Omelette Challenge”. 

Watch the video and then see if you can do better than Paul.

Send us a link to your videos of you making an omelette with your Nexstand in the frame and we will post the best ones on our social media.

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