Celebrating a New Partnership With The Turing Trust

Celebrating a New Partnership With The Turing Trust

Turing Trust

We are excited to announce that NEXSTAND EU have begun a new partnership with The Turing Trust and will be supporting their mission of giving those in sub-Saharan Africa access to the digital world.

The Turing Trust is a fantastic organisation that has been working in sub-Saharan Africa since 2009 to support education by reusing computers and improving teacher training using ICT. Their impact on the region has been significant and has resulted in:

  • Providing over 5,700 computers in classrooms to hundreds of schools in Ghana, Liberia and Malawi
  • Directly supporting more than 55,000 students in Ghana and Malawi to become IT literate
  • Training over 590 teachers on basic computer maintenance and using computers to support their teaching
  • Generating environmental benefits with a lifetime total of waste diverted and reused of 89 tonnes, and carbon savings of 3,021 tonnes.

The Turing Trust

All of the teachers working in schools supported by The Turing Trust reported that the supplied ICT equipment and software have had a positive impact and made their job as a teacher easier. You can read their latest progress report here.

To kick things off we’ve offered a donation that will send an additional 20 computers to Malawi to be installed in classrooms. This will enable 360 students to learn vital IT skills in addition to offsetting 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 14 trees.

The Turing Trust

In the future, we aim to support The Turing Trust further by donating a percentage of our profits as well as a further 1 for 1 donation whereby every K2+ bundle sold will supply a mouse alongside a computer.  

With each laptop stand sold we can have a direct impact in African classrooms to ensure that every school can teach IT effectively. If you would like to support The Turing Trust’s work by making a one-off or regular donation click here.

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