5 Essential Tools Every Digital Nomad Needs in Their Work Bag

5 Essential Tools Every Digital Nomad Needs in Their Work Bag

As a digital nomad, you have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. But with that freedom comes the responsibility of being prepared for any situation. Whether you're working from a coffee shop, a coworking space, or a beachside bungalow, you need the right tools to help you stay productive and comfortable. In this blog post, we'll discuss five essential tools every digital nomad needs in their work bag.

Laptop Stand

One of the most important tools for any digital nomad is a laptop stand. Working for hours on end with your laptop on your lap or a low table can be uncomfortable and even painful. A laptop stand raises your laptop to eye level, improving your posture and reducing neck and back strain. Plus, it helps keep your laptop cool by allowing air to circulate underneath it.

I remember the time when I didn't have a laptop stand and had to work long hours hunching over my laptop. My neck and back were always in pain, which affected my productivity and made it difficult to work for extended periods. But after investing in a laptop stand, I noticed a significant improvement in my posture and overall comfort. It's definitely a must-have tool for any digital nomad.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Another essential tool for any digital nomad is a wireless keyboard and mouse. Working on a laptop keyboard for extended periods can be uncomfortable and lead to typing errors. A wireless keyboard and mouse not only give you more control and precision, but they also allow you to position them ergonomically for optimal comfort.

I used to carry a wired keyboard and mouse in my backpack, but they were bulky and inconvenient. Switching to a wireless set has made a huge difference. I can now work from anywhere without having to worry about the length of the cable or being tethered to a desk.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When you're working in a public place, background noise can be a major distraction. That's where noise-cancelling headphones come in handy. They block out unwanted noise, allowing you to focus on your work and be more productive.

I can't tell you how many times I've been able to tune out noisy surroundings thanks to my noise-cancelling headphones. They are a lifesaver when you need to concentrate on an important task or take a call in a noisy environment.

Portable Charger

As a digital nomad, your laptop and mobile devices are your lifeline. But when you're on the go, you may not always have access to an outlet. That's where a portable charger comes in. It's a compact and convenient way to keep your devices charged and ready to go.

I once found myself in a situation where my laptop and phone were both running low on battery, and I didn't have access to an outlet. It was a stressful situation, but fortunately, I had a portable charger in my bag, which saved the day.


In conclusion, these five tools – laptop stand, wireless keyboard and mouse, noise-cancelling headphones, and a portable charger – are essential for any digital nomad. They will help you stay productive and comfortable while working on the go. Remember to invest in high-quality tools that will last you a long time and make your life easier.

If you're a digital nomad, make sure to add these essential tools to your work bag.

  • Nexstand K2 laptop stand - With its ergonomic design, adjustable height, and lightweight and portable construction, it's the perfect addition to any digital nomad's work bag. Say goodbye to neck and back pain and hello to improved posture and productivity. 
  • Base12 wireless keyboard and mouse - The sleek and slim design fits perfectly into your work bag, giving you the flexibility to work comfortably from anywhere. With an ergonomic layout, lightning-fast wireless connectivity, and long battery life, the Base12 makes remote work a breeze.
  • Remote work kit - Want to be the envy of all other digital nomads? Get your hands on the ultimate remote work kit that includes the Nexstand K2 laptop stand, Base12 wireless keyboard and mouse, and a waterproof carry bag. This kit has everything you need to work like a boss from anywhere in the world.

Remember, being a digital nomad requires preparation and foresight. Having the right tools in your work bag can make all the difference in your ability to work efficiently and comfortably. So, invest in yourself and your work by adding these essential tools to your arsenal. Happy travels and happy working!

Callum Boaden
Callum Boaden

Callum is a technology writer for Nexstand, specializing in covering the latest developments and trends in the tech industry.

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