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  • "The Nexstand K2 ticks all the boxes for lots of people."

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  • “The best laptop stand for travellers and freelancers.”

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  • “We were impressed by how robust this stand is since it is incredibly light”

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  • “The ideal centerpiece of an ergonomic workstation”

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  • "Nexstand has taken the minimalist approach to a stand, with superb results."

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Stop slouching and get more done

Make your work comfortable and productive wherever you are.

Work smarter, not harder

To help promote that healthy posture and bring your screen to eye level, Nexstand laptop stands are a smart addition to improve your remote or at-home office setup.

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Freedom to work anywhere

If you need a laptop stand to take between home and the office or to use when traveling, Nexstand is the best sturdy, compact, and portable option.

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Nexstand is loved by agile workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

  • Excellent product

    Excellent product, fast delivery - thank you!

    2 Avatar_2
    Margaret Mccormack 20 Dec 2021
  • Review wasn't wrong

    Read a review of best laptop risers/ stands and this came out on top and it is easy to see why.

    2 Avatar_2
    James MacLeod 26 Nov 2021
  • Nexstand K2

    I have worked in the ergonomics solutions industry for over 20 years and this really is one of the best laptop stands I have had the pleasure of using.

    2 Avatar_2
    Mark W 22 Nov 2021
  • Great product

    Great product. Helps me stand up straight and I feel a difference in my posture. Highly recommend for all.

    2 Avatar_2
    Lona Alia 22 Nov 2021
  • The K2 Remote Work Kit

    The K2 Remote Work Kit - Laptop Stand, Keyboard and Mouse Bundle is a great product. Really easy to set up, very portable and really helps with the ergonomics of working remotely.

    2 Avatar_2
    Maureen Smith 18 Nov 2021
  • Very good laptop stand

    I'm in Brazil. Took some time to receive. But that's normal. Super happy with the product and the service! I've had one before for years. Worked like a charm. Forgot it on my last travel so got a new one.

    2 Avatar_2
    Daan 13 Nov 2021
  • Brilliant laptop stand

    Brilliant laptop stand. There is a knack to folding it but once mastered it's very easy and fits nicely into laptop bag. Highly recommended.

    2 Avatar_2
    M1 26 Oct 2021
  • Great

    Great, very easy to open, deploy, close. And good for the body and spirit.

    2 Avatar_2
    Mr Mark Pimlott 23 Sep 2021
  • Excellent service

    Excellent service! And a great product too.

    2 Avatar_2
    Per Lund 22 Sep 2021
  • Great product, great service.

    I received my Nexstand in very good time and it is a fantastic product, especially considering the price.

    2 Avatar_2
    Kat 10 Sep 2021
  • Excellent product

    Fast delivery, exceptional customer service and support services. I would highly recommend for personal or business use.

    2 Avatar_2
    Lisa Assiotes 1 Sep 2021
  • Excellent quality portable equipment

    Excellent quality portable equipment, very well presented. Lovely customer service! I strongly recommend a try!

    2 Avatar_2
  • I love NextStand products!

    The value for these products is incredible for the quality. Big fan and no need to go to any other brand.

    2 Avatar_2
    Jordan Carroll 26 Jul 2021
  • Great laptop stand

    Great laptop stand. Light and compact - but when open it's really sturdy. It lifts the screen much higher than my previous stand but I'm not at all scared that it will fall.

    2 Avatar_2
    Steve F 29 Jun 2021
  • Thrilled!

    It's beautiful, lightweight, easy to use, super adaptable, easy to carry
    It just arrived and I am already thrilled!

    2 Avatar_2
    Marisa Toldo 1 Jul 2021
  • Nice and sturdy

    Nice and sturdy. Like the flexible height adjustment and looks much better than the pile of books I used to keep beneath my laptop.

    2 Avatar_2
    Murtaza Mamdani 25 Oct 2021
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    Nexstand offers the best in laptop lifestyle accessories. We’re here to help you create a healthy and productive remote workspace.

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    With each laptop stand sold you can have a direct impact in African classrooms to ensure that every school can teach IT effectively.

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